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Lower Your Solar Racking Costs

Posted by Ryan Jarvis on Mar 18, 2016 1:24:26 AM
In any business, reducing costs is crucial.  One common way that many solar racking companies boost their profits is by lowering their costs.  Basically, if it is possible to do the same process for less money and increase your margins, a higher profit will be earned.  Simple…or is it? Often times it can be difficult to decide where and how to reduce costs.  Do you budget less employee hours? Should you try and negotiate a lower price with your suppliers?  This is not a trivial matter and it can be difficult to come up with a solution.

One way that solar companies can reduce their costs is by using a roll forming company to produce their solar racking components.  For those who are unaware, roll forming is a continuous process of bending sheet metal (usually from steel coils) by passing the material through various sets of rollers.  Each set of rollers slowly bends the metal until the final, desired shape is complete. Below is a basic diagram that helps “paint the picture” of how this process works.


Solar racking will most often involve a large number of steel or other metal shapes.  Roll forming would be the best route for solar components because the higher the volume, the lower the costs.

Roll forming mills also have in-line punching and cut-to-length capabilities.  These features enable a single production line to form and cut the solar racking components.  Additionally, roll forming mills have the ability to install holes, punches, and other features where needed to accommodate various racking and panel designs, making your racking components 100% customized.  There are other metal forming techniques which require the same solar racking shapes to go through several processes or mills in order to form and punch holes, causing the price per piece to skyrocket. Combining processes reduces the handling time of each component that is produced, which also lowers the costs.

Hynes Industries has been roll forming since 1939.  Over this period of time, we have acquired roll tooling for a variety of different shapes, like angles, channels and hat sections.  The benefit here is that we can produce any of these shapes again with our stock tooling for very little to no additional cost.


For More Solar Racking Cost Savings…

The cost savings listed above are the main ways that roll forming will save solar racking companies money.  However, due to the many variables involved in each roll forming job, there may be additional cost saving benefits that were not mentioned.

Want to see if roll forming can save you even more cash? Check out the links below to find out.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions or comments! Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated.



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