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Case Studies

Phil Misch

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"We Should Have Called Hynes First"

by Phil Misch on January 7, 2013

At Hynes Industries, we are very proud of the clients that we’re fortunate enough to call partners. Here’s a quick story to highlight how valuable that partnership is throughout the design and manufacturing process:

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Hynes' Unique Prototyping Capabilities Reduce Tooling Costs and Lead Time

by Phil Misch on December 7, 2012

As sections become more complex and the cost of tooling continues to escalate, it is more critical than ever for engineers to make sure the designs they come up with for a product work as expected prior to a major investment in tooling. Even designs created with the best computer programs, FEA’s, and computer models are not always right. With an investment of tens of thousands of dollars in tooling needed to make some of the sections, companies need to be certain all aspects of design, fit, form, and function work for that product.

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