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Hynes Industries acquired American Roll Form in August of 2015.
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Conceptual Engineering

Improve Product Design and Production Without Sacrificing Quality

conceptual-engineering-2.jpgConceptual engineering is a crucial element in a project’s discovery phase. Whether changing material, minimizing assembly costs or reducing overall product weight, conceptual engineering has the potential to cut costs throughout the supply chain.Our engineering team works with you to identify the most efficient manufacturing processes, and reduce transportation and material expenses. With our help, improve your product and save money—while never sacrificing quality.

Engineering Services

conceptual-engineering-3.jpgThe sooner we’re involved, the better your part will be. We collaborate with our customers early in the design phase, resulting in the manufacture of a more cost-effective product. Through one-on-one consultation and careful evaluation of product drawings, parts and mating components, our experienced engineering staff identifies where material can be reduced and costs decreased.

Hynes Industries offers consultation and manufacturing services in the following areas:

  • Conceptual and concurrent engineering

  • Proactive part analysis and finite element analysis

  • Engineering consulting services

  • Product design

  • Engineering project management

To yield the full benefit of roll forming’s in-line processing, you need an expert partner to guide you through the entire product development cycle and to push the boundaries of engineering possibilities. Contact Hynes to schedule a consultation for your next metal fabrication project.

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