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Randy Myers

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Standard Profile Engineering Guide

by Randy Myers on November 4, 2014

With fewer internal resources and smaller engineering staffs, many manufacturing companies are now seeking outsourced partners to supplement product design so they can concentrate internal bandwidth on core competencies.

Save time and money using our standard profile engineering guide. Download the free guide to get started.

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Solar Profile Engineering Guide

by Randy Myers on October 8, 2014

Solar panel prices are steadily falling, pushing cost-reduction measures upstream. As a result, solar panel and mounting manufacturers must find new ways to cut costs and stay competitive.

Our free profile guide can help you achieve both. View engineering designs and section modulus requirements for profiles used in ground pilings, panel support channels, PV framing and module rail applications.

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Strategies to Improve Manufacturing Time to Market

by Randy Myers on December 9, 2013

Reducing time to market has always put pressure on engineers, but current forces bring to bear a whole new set of challenges, such as economic strain, rapidly evolving technology, shorter product lifecycles, new production capabilities, the pressure to self-educate and more.

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