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The Importance of Made in America Manufacturing

by Rob Touzalin on February 7, 2017

Between 2000 and 2009, close to 6 million jobs in manufacturing were lost due to offshoring. Now, we’re hearing that Chinese industries are catching up with, and sometimes already exceeding, the west.

However, there’s hope for U.S. manufacturers still. The industry is seeing a slow but steady uptick in jobs, with about 250,000 created from 2009 to 2016. This increase came in part from climbing overseas labor and freight costs, government initiatives like the Reshoring Initiative and a slew of benefits for reshoring companies, such as tax breaks, improved brand image and better quality control.

But what is the importance of made in America? Why should we be looking to domestic manufacturers for our products and services?

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Roll Forming or Stamping: 5 Factors To Drive Your Metal Sourcing Decision

by Rob Touzalin on October 11, 2016

To roll or to stamp—that is the question.

Your mission is to source a high quality, custom steel part to be manufactured efficiently at a relatively low cost.

As you well know, there are a variety of different metal forming techniques when sourcing a new project. But how do you choose between two popular methods, roll forming and stamping?

How you will manufacture your custom steel part is an important decision that requires you weigh and prioritize a variety of factors.

To help, we’ve listed five main factors to consider when making your metal sourcing decision: 

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4 Sourcing Techniques to Reduce Metal Production Costs Long-Term

by Mike Giambattista on July 26, 2016

Purchasers are pressured to ensure the stable supply of metal parts to various manufacturing facilities, while constantly keeping pace with demand, meeting lead times and, most importantly, keeping costs low. 

However, while sourcing cost reduction strategies can decrease the cost you pay up-front, this doesn’t serve purchasers’ needs long-term.

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Sourcing Managers: How to Coordinate Teams for Maximum Success

by Hynes Industries on April 29, 2015

To acquire the highest quality goods, services and raw materials at the lowest possible cost, sourcing managers must have a pulse on: 

  • Evolving market trends.

  • Market demand.

  • Inventory levels.

  • Available vendors.

  • Internal personnel.

The sourcing manager’s responsibilities may also include overseeing a product redesign, and as a result, internal and external engineering teams. During a redesign project, coordination of these parties is crucial to production success.

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Forecasting Demand for Roll Formed Products

by Hynes Industries on January 29, 2014

Forecasting long-term product demand is a crucial process for any manufacturer. 

At a high level of execution, forecasting demand ensures enough product is produced to fulfill orders without creating surplus inventory—a challenge in a world of shifting demand and fluctuating raw material costs.

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