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Life at Hynes

It means you’ll have more than a job—you’ll have a career.


Why Join Our Team?

With nearly 100 years in service and four generations of employees, Hynes Industries has a track record of offering lifelong careers in the manufacturing industry. On top of that—our employees receive exceptional benefits and become a part of an engaging and family-oriented culture.

Competitive Pay

It pays to work at Hynes. We understand how much effort you put into your career, and we make your work worth it.

Growth Opportunities

At Hynes, we promise to offer employees more than just a job—we offer lifelong careers with room to chase your aspirations, no matter where you start.


With nearly 100 years in service, Hynes offers its employees the comfort of stability, and our accelerated growth reinforces that benefit.


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Generations of Employees

A Note From Our CEO

At Hynes, community is the center of who we are. We care for our employees, offering them opportunities to grow, learn and excel—no matter where they begin their career. This ongoing commitment to our team has led us to become a forerunner in the next generation of roll forming technology, and we’re thrilled to see what the future holds for us. From expanding our offerings to perfecting our skills, we’re poised for unparalleled and continuous growth. If you want to become a part of this exciting revolution, join our team. Here, we promise you’ll have more than a job—you’ll have a lifelong career.

–Rick Organ, President & CEO



Meet Our Team

With more than 150 years of combined engineering experience, the Hynes team not only offers unparalleled knowledge when it comes to roll forming—but a supportive culture that fosters growth and community.

Why Work at Hynes?

At Hynes, we’re proud to offer lifelong careers to our dedicated employees. Curious about their experiences at Hynes? Take a look at what they have to say.

"I started here in October 2015, and my job is to keep everyone safe and to keep all production lines running. Every day, I look forward to teaching someone something new. Every day is an adventure. Six years later, I’m still grateful to be here."

John L.

Production Supervisor

"[Hynes] has changed my life in the most positive way. Once someone is hired into Hynes Industries, they should never have to look for another job ever again. This is a company that can set you up for the rest of your life. The executives are extremely intelligent—we have the best of the best running this company."

Ron C.

Quality Technician

"Hynes is professional, knowledgeable, and offers room for growth and advancement. I started my career here in 2013 as a mill helper and am now a supervisor for a crew. Hynes wants and works to help its employees succeed."

Dan M.

Production Supervisor

"I’ve been working at Hynes for 13 years. My primary responsibility is maintaining roll tolling and related equipment set-up while troubleshooting roll forming mills. I also create, update and manage set-up sheets on the computer. Hynes offers a friendly atmosphere and the ability to work with both your mind and hands. The company is dedicated to continuous improvement in all areas."

David Z.

Tooling Coordinator

"Hynes’ personal and professional commitment to their employees makes me want to continue my career here. After all, that’s the goal—to make an impact in an organization that supports not just my job, but my career."

Allison L.

Junior Accountant

"As a company that is growing, the start of each day at Hynes presents new possibilities. With my position comes the opportunity to assist customers in conceptualizing a part they need using the roll form process, onboarding that project and taking it all the way through daily manufacturing. Hynes Industries has a long and proud history. The future of the company is bright, and I look forward to being part of the whole experience."

Amanda C.

Product Engineer

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