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From ebooks to white papers, check out these downloadable resources designed to boost your efficiency and improve your bottom line.

The Benefits of Reshoring and Onshoring for U.S. Manufacturers

Download this free white paper for actionable steps and information to help you optimize your business’s supply chain performance.

The Modern Engineer's Guide to Getting it Done

Reducing time to market has always put pressure on engineers, but current forces bring a whole new set of challenges, such as economic strain, evolving technology and more.

Engineers: Jolt Your Creativity Into Overdrive

An engineer’s creative instinct is one of his or her greatest assets and most powerful tools, but it’s not always readily accessible. 

Proven Solution to Cut Warehouse Automation Costs

Warehouse automation is a growing sector that demands quick turnaround, ample production line capacity and technological know-how.

FlexAngle Product Brochure

FlexAngle’s versatile slotted angle design is readily adaptable to an unlimited number of framing and storage applications.

Roll Formed Shapes Specifications

Move seamlessly from concept to reality with your custom or standard parts produced to exacting specifications—with absolute reliability.

Box Channels / Hat Sections Brochure

Hynes can eliminate your secondary processing by providing parts complete to your final part drawing to include features such as holes, notches, embosses and painting.

Roll Formed Angles Specifications

Our roll form angles come available in 16- and 18-gauge commercial quality or HSLA galvanized steel, with or without holes.

Roll Formed Cargo Track Brochure

We offer both custom and standard roll formed cargo tracks, including horizontal e-tracks, horizontal a-tracks, vertical a-tracks, vertical e-tracks, f-tracks and more.

Roll Formed Channels Brochure

Our roll formed channels are engineered using the latest technology, ensuring quality and efficiency.

Roll Formed Corrugated Scuff Brochure

Our design and engineering services identify the most cost effective, functional roll formed corrugated scuff for your unique needs and applications.

Roll Formed Custom Shapes Brochure

Need a custom shape? We have the technology and expertise to craft the exact profile for your specific application.

Roll Formed Logistic Side Posts Brochure

With 14 Ga. galvanized steel, we're equipped to manufacture even the most complex roll formed logistic side posts.

Roof Bows Brochure

Delivering the highest quality, our anti-snag roof bows are available in commercial quality or HSLA galvanized steel in 16 and 18 gage.

Roll Formed Solar Racking Shapes Brochure

We offer a true, one-invoice source for all solar panel mounting components including racking, ground piles, panel support rails and wire management solutions.

Roll Formed T-Sections Brochure

Our roll formed T-sections are designed for a variety of applications—and to withstand even the toughest environments.

Roll Formed Z-Sections Brochure

With a variety of specifications offered, we guarantee to have the exact Z-section roll formed shapes you need.