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Warehouse Automation: Cost-Cutting Solutions

Access this free case study to learn how Hynes cut labor costs for one warehouse automation company and reengineered tooling in only ten weeks.


Warehouse automation is a rapidly growing sector that demands quick turnaround, ample production line capacity and valuable technological know-how. In partnering with a warehouse automation company, Hynes contributed its in-house engineering expertise, supply chain services and cutting-edge roll forming technology to lower installation costs and tool-up for production in only ten weeks.

Download the free case study to learn how Hynes was able to successfully:

  • Expand production capabilities for its shelving components.
  • Reengineer the roll form tooling used to build each part.
  • Reduce labor costs for each warehouse automation system installation.
  • Design a fastening tab that cut labor costs in half.

It’s time to push the boundaries of engineering. Fill out the form on the right to access the Warehouse Automation: Cost-Cutting Solutions Case Study.