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Quality Management

Setting the bar high to deliver high-quality products with precision, care and absolute reliability.

Our Quality Management Process

From the second we receive an order, we uphold the highest set of standards to ensure your products exceed expectations. As an ISO-9001:2015 certified company, we pride ourselves on developing a robust quality process that includes training, inspection and audits across all three of our plants. Hynes deploys a variety of equipment and processes to streamline quality management, including precise coordinate measuring devices, comparators and numerous other tools to ensure closed-tolerance measuring.

We also have a team of highly skilled technicians and quality engineers that perform first-article or in-process inspections at any point throughout the day, allowing us to complete your orders under specific deadlines with absolute reliability.

Inspections and Product Audits

Our inspection process is all-encompassing, allowing us to guarantee your products are made safely, correctly and efficiently—from the beginning of the order until it ships. These steps include a first-article inspection, an in-procession inspection and a product audit. During the first-article inspection, we inspect and approve all dimensions of the part to ensure our setup is correct. During the in-process inspection, our operators monitor the product, confirming it meets these critical dimensions, while it’s being manufactured. Finally, we conduct a product audit to ensure all packaging and paperwork meet our customer requirements. These in-depth processes allow us to manufacture parts that meet your every requirement.


Gauge Calibration

Our certified calibration process ensures that our gauges and inspection equipment are maintained at the highest level—at all times. At Hynes, we know calibrated equipment in excellent working condition is critical to do the job right and accurately. This is at the foundation of our ISO-certified processes.



In addition to performing inspections and audits to keep our quality management processes in check, we also have the ability to complete full automotive PPAP requirements, perform statistical analysis such as Cpk and Ppk for critical dimensions, and conduct gage repeatability and reproducibility. We perform incoming inspections of our raw material by completing mechanical inspections and verifying material certifications, logging coil heat numbers ensuring complete lot traceability for finished parts. We inspect for tight tolerances using our Raytech coordinate measuring system and 30-inch comparators. We can also design go/no-go gauges that are certified by A2LA (ISO 17025) labs and are part of our calibration program. Plus, our 3D printing machines can print sample cross-sections, allowing us to assess how we’re going to inspect a particular part before it’s even fabricated.

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