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Automated Material Handling

Collaborating with our partners to fabricate next-generation commerce solutions for automated material handling.

Our Role in Automated Material Handling

Automated material handling is a major driver in cost and labor reduction in supply chains, and the growth of this industry segment has ballooned over the last few years, especially in the United States. The continued rapid growth of e-commerce, issues with labor availability during the COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 pandemic, and a broad consumer shift to on-demand and at-home deliveries has caused substantial growth in supporting a more responsive and automated supply chain.

Automated material handling solutions have been rapidly adopted in Europe, and are now making a huge push into the U.S. distribution of goods. For over two decades, Hynes Industries has been manufacturing precision-engineered material handling components for numerous global leaders in material handling, racking systems, automated storage/automated retrieval (AS/RS), micro-fulfillment, material conveyance, freight, commercial elevator applications and even vertical farming. Our partners and customers are leaders in industries that provide complete racking solutions, freight handling solutions, luggage/material handling, food processing and distribution, and more. Customers and applications include global industrial material handling, freight handling/light duty overhead crane manufacturers, consumer product material handling, retailers, convenient store racking producers, grocery and food processing/distribution, etc.

We have the engineering capability and roll form capacity to meet your design and fulfillment needs. For large-scale programs, we can tailor pre-stocking and fulfillment programs that meet your specific delivery criteria, streamlining coordination of labor and installation at your build site.

Automated Storage & Automated Retrieval (AS/RS)

Industry leaders like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Albertsons and many other consumer product and consumer packaged goods companies are rapidly trying to adjust and move to fully integrated automated material handling solutions to improve throughput and supply chain flexibility, as well as to reduce labor costs. Global industry leaders in automated storage and automated retrieval (AS/RS) systems have chosen Hynes as their partner to assist in collaborative engineering and design, prototyping and production for next-generation AS/RS racking and material handling solutions.

Hynes leverages our deep expertise of over 20 years in the material handling industry to assist our partners in component design and to optimize the manufacturability of components for improved functionality and reduced production cost. Our roll form fabrication knowledge gives our partners a key advantage in design: We identify unique fabrication capabilities that leverage roll form fabrication, which allows us to produce profiles that cannot be accomplished with other fabrication methods. This optimizes component functionality, improves strength, allows the opportunity to reduce material cost in design and produces components in the most economic manner possible.

Hynes also allows our partners to scale on demand—we have nearly 500,000 feet of production and warehousing space enabling us to pre-build and stock components for large-scale projects. This allows our partners to focus on the installation without worrying about work stoppages due to a lack of racking components being on-hand when needed. Hynes provides reliable, rapid and agile fulfillment solutions so installation crews can deploy AS/RS solutions rapidly, speeding deployment of the automated solution and return on the AS/RS investment.

Material Racking, Shelving & Conveyance

From basic slotted angle and channels for simple racking solutions, to supplying custom-engineered roll form parts for large-scale, fully automated robotic warehouses and fulfillment centers, we’re your fabrication source to design and manufacture your automated material handling component needs.

Hynes produces numerous profiles for common shelving and racking solutions, as well as more complicated profiles to support material conveyance and solutions for light duty overhead material handling, as well as conveyance profiles for material movement both horizontally and in vertical lift solutions, including components that support spiral conveyor solutions. Profiles that support micro-fulfillment and automated conveyance require tight tolerancing and minimal “stack-up” tolerance errors. Hynes also has a number of secondary capabilities to provide additional component features requiring high tolerances, as well as press braking, robotic welding and coordination with outside processors for painting, powder coating and more.

For more common racking and shelving applications, Hynes is a pioneer in slotted angle to support rapid deployment of standard structures and for ad-hoc fastening projects. Hynes created FlexAngle™ to support standard and custom racking needs, which is carried by many industrial and commercial building product distributors. FlexAngle™ is an industry standard allowing contractors to quickly deploy custom storage shelving and racking solutions or supports for hanging/trapeze for electrical. It also allows them to deploy HVAC fastening or conduit, pipes or ventilation, overhead door applications, cages, guarding, fences and barriers, or numerous other industrial, commercial or residential applications. Learn more about FlexAngle™ here.

Hynes Industries FlexAngle

Commercial & Industrial Material Handling

Hynes also works with our partners to design engineered solutions for common commercial and industrial material handling applications, including common racking solutions, cable management, elevator door and freight elevating channels that require high strength in material integrity, high-bay racking solutions, palletizing and pallet conveying solutions, and emerging material handling segments such as vertical farming and micro-fulfillment. Many of these solutions require precise tolerances and large-scale production runs to support rapid installation.

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