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Supply Chain Management

Hynes will optimize your supply chain with absolute flexibility and reliability.

Our Supply Chain Management Process

Hynes has worked with hundreds of customers for nearly 100 years to help manage the complete metal fabrication and fulfillment process. No matter your supply chain management needs, we’re committed to being your long-term partner. We believe that having Hynes as your partner will lower your costs, eliminate unnecessary secondary processes and third-party vendors, and will increase your responsiveness and operational efficiency to your customers.

At Hynes, we believe that there is no substitute for a strong, reliable and flexible supply chain partner. We are a value-added precision fabricator that is an extension of your supply chain team, and we know that you must have a reliable, flexible and responsive source that can always be counted on to deliver high-quality product and meet the dynamic nature of your demand and fulfillment. We know that sometimes unplanned events can occur that impact supply chains, and the true test and mark of a great partner is ensuring constant communication and responsiveness even in the most turbulent business and economic environments—we will always be that kind of partner.

We purchase prime materials directly from leading service centers to ensure availability, quality and affordability. Our long-standing relationship with numerous supply chain partners in the Midwest United States has allowed us to truly understand the varying nature and idiosyncrasies of the steel industry, and we pride ourselves on being able to rapidly adapt our strategies in order to optimize your supply chain needs.


Comprehensive Supply Chain Management

The critical first phase of engaging with Hynes begins with new product onboarding, where we collaborate on your design, determine demand and formulate a plan on how to successfully fulfill your order. We work with your engineering, operations and supply chain teams to identify ways to produce the most economical part and optimize your supply chain costs. From there, we engage with our sourcing team to ascertain the best way to procure materials—considering both short- and long-term material acquisition—and specify logistics and shipments from the designated plant location. As part of designing your specific supply chain needs, we also determine the most optimal inventory management process.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it’s essential to select a supply chain partner who will provide you with an all-in-one solution. From the minute we engage in design and begin to determine your specific production and fulfillment needs, we will provide an all-encompassing variety of services to take your part from incubation to production, including:

  • Creating and customizing a strategy that meets your specific supply chain needs to optimize fulfillment
  • Supporting material acquisition, coating, slitting, and handling
  • Providing rapid prototyping for field testing to ensure parts fit and meet form and function as intended within the end product
  • Formulating the most appropriate production plan, optimal tooling choices, and plant location(s) to support your fulfillment strategy
  • Optimizing in-line production processes, and where necessary, designing efficient and low-cost secondary operations to minimize/eliminate additional processing
  • Determining and customizing packaging designs that meet your operational goals and budget
  • Implementing the most appropriate inventory management program to provide flexibility in your supply chain, and to identify opportunities to reduce your inventory turns
  • Optimizing shipping schedules and quantities based on your varying demand
  • Ensuring continuous improvement focused at further improving efficiencies, reducing manufacturing costs, improving lead times and decreasing fulfillment costs

From start to finish, we maintain a strong and collaborative relationship with our customers and keep them involved throughout the entire process.

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