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Custom Roll Form Fabrication

We engineer precision roll formed shapes that meet demanding tolerances and specifications.

  • Our Custom Roll Formed Shapes
  • Angles, Custom Shapes & Channels
  • Box Channels & Hat Sections
  • T-Sections & Z-Sections
  • Automated Material Handling Profiles
  • Industrial & Commercial Product Profiles
  • Solar Energy Profiles
  • Truck/Trailer Profiles

Our Custom Roll Formed Shapes

Hynes began roll forming steel products in the 1930s and custom roll form fabrication is our sole focus today.

We are the largest custom roll form fabricator in North America. Our roll formed shapes are engineered to meet the most demanding specifications of our customers. Our decades of design experience translate into an unmatched ability to offer the most functional and cost-effective roll formed solutions in the industry.

Our primary goals are to help our customers streamline manufacturability through functional design, reduce costs by eliminating secondary operations and optimize the material choices for their application. Hynes operates in three plant locations with a combined 60 automated roll forming lines. Many of our roll form fabrication lines have specialized pre-notch and post-notch capabilities to put features (holes, slots, embosses and numerous other features) into the steel before and after the roll form process, to improve manufacturability and end-use assembly. More importantly, having these capabilities can eliminate secondary operations once you receive your parts.

With over 300 combined years of roll forming engineering talent, we work closely with your team to design the most appropriate and economic roll form fabrication shape and production process for your application. We will help you determine the ideal material specifications for your design to optimize weight/strength trade-offs, as well as maximize sourcing and manufacturability. If secondary operations must be performed, or if you require a prototype to further assess your designs, Hynes has numerous secondary capabilities including turret punch/presses, press brakes, robotic welding and several other secondary press capabilities. We also work with various partners that provide painting, powder coating, stamping, welding, laser cutting and more.

So whether you require a custom roll form shape or select a standard shape from our extensive open tooling library, we can help you design exactly what you need and ensure that you get it when you need it—on time, every time.

Why work with us? Check out a few reasons:

  • Exceptional order response and on-time delivery performance
  • Unsurpassed design and engineering talent and experience
  • 60+ automated lines with in-line piercing, punching and stamping capabilities
  • Full range of secondary capabilities—punching, stamping and assembly
  • ISO certified quality system and 100 percent product traceability
  • Competitive pricing for consistent value
  • Comprehensive in-house tool & die department
  • Customized packaging and logistics support

Some of our typical roll forming markets and applications include:

  • Appliance
  • Electrical Power Panels & Power Distribution
  • HVAC Systems
  • Truck & Trailer, Final Mile and Trailer Aftermarket
  • Door & Window Frames and Support Hardware
  • Lawn & Garden Equipment
  • Commercial Building Materials
  • Furnishings & Fixtures
  • Food Service Equipment
  • Heavy Transportation
  • Construction & Mining Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Solar & Wind Systems
  • Material Handling & Racking Systems
  • Warehouse Automation
  • Vertical Farming

Angles, Custom Shapes & Channels


Our roll formed angles come available in 16- and 18-gauge commercial quality or HSLA galvanized steel, with or without holes. Download a PDF of specifications here.


Custom Shapes

Custom shapes are designed with your unique needs top of mind. If you have a specific request, reach out and we’ll work with you to engineer a part that meets your specifications. Download a PDF of options here.



Download a PDF of specifications here.


Box Channels & Hat Sections

Hynes Industries offers custom cut lengths which can save you time and money. Hynes can eliminate your secondary processing by providing parts complete to your final part drawing to include features such as holes, notches, embosses and painting. We'll ship assembly-ready parts direct to you. Parts shown are representative of Hynes Industries’ roll forming capabilities. Download a PDF to view all of our options here.

Box Channels

(Actual Size / Shape Number/Gauge)


Hat Channels

(Actual Size / Shape Number/Gauge)


Automated Material Handling Profiles




Industrial & Commercial Product Profiles





Solar Energy Profiles

As solar panel prices continue to decline, solar panel and mounting manufacturers must find new ways to stay competitive.

One of the key challenges of the solar industry is lowering the true cost per kilowatt-hour for an installation.

As a proud member of the Smart Electric Power Alliance and Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International, Hynes brings expertise and experience to the growing solar manufacturing industry. We offer a true, one-invoice source for all solar panel mounting components including racking, ground piles, panel support rails and wire management solutions. Hynes also has extensive experience in manufacturing solar energy solutions.

Count on us for the knowledge and expertise to reduce a part’s cost and improve its design integrity and experience with ground mount, car port and roof mount systems at both the utility and retail levels. Download a PDF of specifications here.






Truck/Trailer Profiles



Cargo Track

Roll formed cargo track from Hynes Industries is available in horizontal and vertical tracks with a variety of slotting patterns. Download a PDF of specifications here.


Corrugated Scuff

Download a PDF of specifications here.


Logistic Side Posts

Download a PDF of specifications here.


Roof Bows

Download a PDF of specifications here.


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Collaborative Engineering

Partner with Hynes to transform the manufacturing development process using the latest and most efficient design and fabrication resources, technologies and processes.

New Product Onboarding

Hynes has a time-tested comprehensive methodology for new product onboarding—count on us to be your partner with a relentless focus on value and quality.

Supply Chain Management

At Hynes, we consider ourselves a reliable and essential extension to your supply chain, and we will help your team select the most optimum fulfillment path for your operations—from made-to-order to just-in-time fulfillment.

Inventory Management

With three plant locations and 500,000 square feet of production and warehouse space, we can design a specific inventory management and fulfillment program to meet the demands of your supply chain.

Quality Management

Hynes stands for absolute reliability, and our ISO-certified business management system is at the core of our continuous improvement in quality management, ensuring high-quality production.

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