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New Product Onboarding

Our successful partnership begins with building a common vision for success—and how we can add value long before we start your production.

Our Product Onboarding Process

Any fabricator can produce a part, and at Hynes, we want to understand how we can help you get the best end result. Our onboarding process begins with understanding your design objectives, tolerances, specifications and fulfillment requirements. We dive deep into discussing and collaborating on how roll form fabrication can be optimized for manufacturability, strength, ease in assembly, minimizing material costs and eliminating unnecessary labor—and how we can use our extensive experiences to help you design a better part. If secondary operations are required, Hynes will consider the most efficient way to ensure these operations are carried out with high quality and timely fulfillment utilizing our secondary production capabilities. If needed, we can also coordinate working with our extensive network of certified outside vendors to ensure our standards of producing high-quality, dependable products are met.

From planning through production, it is crucial to align with a strategic, trustworthy partner who offers deep engineering expertise and robust program management capabilities. Hynes is that type of partner. We have a complete onboarding methodology that is the best in the industry and offers a high degree of customization from design through fulfillment.

Our process begins during our first encounter for new production. Our sales and engineering teams work closely with your team to define the design objectives and to work through design requirements. We bring our array of experts from manufacturing, engineering, quality, production and sales together to assess your needs and define the form, fit, function and fulfillment requirements for your design and production. This collaborative, programmatic approach helps to proactively identify and address challenges, optimizes design and production operations, eliminates costly development and production duplication, and maximizes production efficiencies.

Contract Review

As soon as we receive your purchase order, our team of experts meet to review the design criteria outlined in the purchase order and to discuss how we can ensure the most successful design and development process. We’ll choose one of our highly qualified engineers to run the project, as well as assign team members from other functions including sales, customer service, sourcing, quality and operations to the project. With every job, we conduct weekly meetings to share project updates and progress, keeping our customers informed throughout the entire process.

Tooling Design & Development

A key advantage to partnering with Hynes Industries is our well-established and deep experience in designing roll form solutions. We have extensive experience in roll form tooling design, tool/die design and development expertise. We also foster strong partnerships with roll tool and die vendors to support tool production and ongoing maintenance of tooling.

During our onboarding process, we advance our customers’ concepts into fully developed roll-formed solutions to make them a reality. We work through a multi-staged process of tooling tryout with our vendors, then on the target mills at the most appropriate Hynes facility for production, keeping you informed every step of the way. Our engineering, operations and ISO quality teams work with your team on defining the specific criteria for your First Article Inspection (FAI) and PPAP approval requirements. We identify all critical tolerances and dimensions and ensure that our production prints include your critical criteria, and we develop customer/part-specific FAI approval documents to ensure all critical tolerances are met with our first articles. Once the part works through development and we believe it is meeting all tolerances, we are now ready for a First Article Inspection.

First Article Inspection and Approval

Once the tooling is developed, has passed tryout and is through the development process on the targeted mill for production, Hynes then ensures that production material is staged for initial production. The Hynes operations and ISO-certified quality teams work together to produce the first samples for inspection. These samples are thoroughly reviewed and inspected against all defined critical tolerances and documented to support your inspection process. Samples are then delivered to your facilities, or we can work with your quality team directly on site at our Hynes production facility on your First Article Inspection. Once we receive final approval from your quality team, we can begin full production.

Production & Fulfillment

After FAI/PPAP approval, we begin full production. Hynes is an agile and flexible supply chain partner. During our initial discussions on your design, we work with your supply chain team on how best to meet your fulfillment needs. We work with our customers on a range of fulfillment options, including made-to-order, just-in-time, consignment/stocking programs, drop-shipping, assembly/kitting and hybrid large-scale program fulfillment to support large construction projects where Hynes needs to pre-stage production to support rapid fulfillment to large job sites.

Once we work through your first few production runs, Hynes uses a post-shipment review process to review the project quality, assess successes and challenges, and identify ways to improve going forward. In this manner, we continuously strive to exceed your expectations.

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