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Industrial & Commercial Products

Fabricating precision-engineered solutions for industrial & commercial product OEMs.

Our Role in the Industrial & Commercial Market

For generations, Hynes has been helping Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies design and produce custom roll form products for industrial and commercial building applications. We engineer and produce custom roll form fabricated solutions for numerous OEMs across a broad range of applications, including:

  • Cantilevers, trim, hinge, latch and door components for appliances
  • Base rail, rabbets, corner posts, latches and door panel components for electrical applications and electric power distribution
  • Stainless steel rails and channels for food manufacturing and processing
  • Din rail and strut for power panel and control panel applications
  • Cable management, structural supports, panel racking and stiffening supports, and numerous industrial applications
  • Customized rails and guide channels for commercial building and drainage applications
  • Channels, power control and cable management for nuclear industry applications
  • Strut, trapeze and conduit/pipe/cable management for electrical, HVAC and plumbing
  • Framing channels, support/cross member support, channels and baffles for commercial air conditioning applications
  • Lineals, frames and guides for commercial doors, windows and partitions
  • Slides, channel and partition components for commercial furniture
  • Channel and door guides, trim, glazing bead, slats and stiffeners for commercial doors
  • Data center floor stringers and cabinet racking components
  • Commercial decorative railing components
  • Components for healthcare/medical OEMs
  • Many more applications
We work closely with your engineering, supply chain and procurement teams to optimize your design, streamline production and eliminate secondary processing to reduce your operational costs.

We also offer various types of fulfillment to customize delivery based on your specific operational needs and the demands on your supply chain. We have some customers that require just-in-time fulfillment, stocking, pre-builds for large scale site installations and more. Contact us now to collaborate with our experienced sales and engineering teams to see how we can optimize your supply chain and minimize your production costs.

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Our manufacturing capabilities can go a long way for your company, reducing costs and labor in OEM manufacturing and end-use installation in the process. They include:

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