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12 Ways Roll Form Products are Used in Commercial Construction Applications

Roll form products play a crucial role in modern commercial construction, offering versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. In fact, these benefits have resulted in significant growth in the use of roll formed parts, and the roll form machine market is forecast to grow at over 4% annually.   

Given the broad usage of roll form parts in commercial construction, it’s no surprise to see this expected growth. From structural components to decorative elements, roll form products are used in various stages of these projects. Below, we dive into some of these top applications. 

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1. Structural Framing

Roll form products such as steel studs, tracks, lineals, frames, and guides are widely used to frame commercial buildings. Their high strength-to-weight ratio and consistent quality make them ideal for supporting the structural integrity of walls, ceilings, doors, windows, and partitions. Hynes also manufactures channel and door guides, trim, glazing beads, slats, and stiffeners for commercial doors, ensuring long-term strength and rigidity.

2. Roofing Systems

Roll form products are integral components of roofing systems in commercial construction. Roof purlins and panels manufactured through roll forming processes provide sturdy support and weather resistance, ensuring long-lasting protection for commercial structures.

3. Cladding and Siding

Roll form products offer architects and builders a wide range of design possibilities for cladding and siding applications. Metal panels produced through roll forming can mimic various materials like wood, brick, or stone, providing aesthetic appeal along with durability and low maintenance. Roll form products are also used for mounting brick and tile elements to commercial buildings, to speed installation.

4. Fascia and Trim

Roll form products are utilized extensively for creating fascia and trim details in commercial buildings. These elements enhance the aesthetic appeal and serve functional purposes like protecting against water infiltration and covering joints between different building components.

5. Curtain Wall Systems

Roll form products form an integral part of curtain wall systems, which are popular in contemporary commercial construction for their ability to create sleek facades with ample natural light. Roll formed aluminum or steel profiles are used to create the framework for curtain wall assemblies. They are also used for rollup doors for fire safety systems, garage and commercial door applications, and self-storage unit doors and door guides.

6. Partition Systems

Roll form products contribute to the construction of interior partition systems in commercial buildings. Lightweight yet sturdy metal studs and tracks are employed to create flexible layouts, dividing large spaces into functional areas like offices, meeting rooms, and retail spaces.

7. Ceiling Grid Systems

Roll form products are utilized for creating suspended ceiling grid systems, commonly found in commercial settings such as offices, schools, and healthcare facilities. These systems provide support for ceiling tiles while concealing utilities like HVAC ducts and electrical wiring.

8. Handrails and Guardrails

Roll form products are employed for fabricating handrails and guardrails in commercial buildings, ensuring safety and compliance with building codes. Stainless steel or aluminum profiles produced through roll forming processes offer strength, corrosion resistance, and sleek aesthetics.

9. Electrical Protection and Support

In electrical applications, roll formed parts like conduit and cable management systems ensure the safe routing and organization of wires and cables, protecting them from damage and facilitating efficient installations. Additionally, roll formed mounting hardware such as strut channels, din rail, and brackets offer robust support for electrical components like panels and fixtures, aiding in their secure attachment to surfaces for reliable operation.

10. HVAC Ductwork

Roll form components are crucial for constructing ductwork systems, providing precise shapes and connections to optimize airflow and system performance. Strut channels and trapeze systems play vital roles in supporting HVAC equipment, ensuring stability and flexibility in system layout while accommodating various configurations for efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

11. Pipe Management

Roll form parts are essential for supporting pipes and conduits, preventing sagging and damage over time. They also facilitate efficient pipe management, offering solutions like hangers and clamps to secure pipes to walls and ceilings, maintaining system integrity and reliability in residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing installations.

12. Commercial Furniture

Roll form parts slides, channels, and partition pieces are used extensively in commercial furniture, such as cabinets. Slides crafted through roll forming ensure smooth and reliable movement for drawers and movable furniture sections, enhancing user experience and functionality. Additionally, roll form channels and partition components provide structural support and organization within furniture pieces, allowing for efficient space utilization and customizable configurations tailored to the needs of original equipment manufacturers.

Elevate Your Construction Project with Roll Form Parts

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12 Ways Roll Form Products are Used in Commercial Construction Applications

Roll form products play a crucial role in modern commercial construction, offering versati...