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Little Giant Ladders Deliver Big Results

by ARF News on September 17, 2010

You’ve seen them in stores. And you’ve watched their infomercials. Yes, the Little Giant® brand has been a household name for more than 30 years. In fact, Little Giant ladders are now one of America’s best-selling ladders thanks to their safety, stability, and versatility.

A Great Ladder Needed to Reinvent Itself

Although the Little Giant had been a favorite for three decades, it did have a few issues.

  • First, because its designers gave it the most-robust performance characteristics possible, the ladder was simply too heavy for some customers.
  • Second, the last of the patents protecting their standard multi-use ladders expired in the early 2000s. Soon thereafter, the market was flooded with cheap imitations from both the United States and outside the country.

Goal: lighten up.

The company’s first goal was to cut the ladder’s weight by a full 20 percent, yet still maintain the strength and quality that Little Giants are known for.

Goal: step it up.

Little Giant needed another breakthrough. It had to be a revolutionary product that was so unique it couldn’t be knocked off – a ladder that would provide as much protection as possible from competitors.

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