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Case Studies

Joshua Perkins

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Chamberlain Cuts Costs

by Joshua Perkins on September 17, 2010

Chamberlain has been giving garage doors a lift for 35 years. The company sells its garage door opening devices to some of the country’s top retailers: Sears®, Lowes®, Home Depot®, Menards®, you name it.

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A Continuous Flow Roll Form Upgrade

by Joshua Perkins on September 17, 2010

Leading maker of roof mount solar systems had four issues. 

First, it was having its light-gauge mounting systems fabricated by small fabricators who were accustomed to low-volume quantities. 

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Hynes Solar Solutions

by Joshua Perkins on June 4, 2010

Solar power is hot. But how do you bring down the sky-high cost of solar energy? With solar panels getting cheaper, the new cost-reduction drive is to achieve substantial reductions in the cost of mounting these solar systems.

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