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Hynes Industries acquired American Roll Form in August of 2015.
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Engineering Services

Your Maximum Value Metal Fabrication Engineering Partner

Engineering and Consulting


Hynes Industries offers the latest engineering and production technology in roll forming and metal fabrication. And the consultation services are free of charge. 

We understand that no two projects are exactly alike. From initial profile engineering to final delivery, our knowledgeable engineering and production staff will collaborate with you to develop a customized solution that will yield maximum value for your product.

Our holistic approach to metal fabrication design keeps the full supply chain in mind, ensuring that your manufacturing processes are efficient and optimized for success. A focus on innovation and continuous improvement are essential to enhancing your products.

Metal Fabrication Engineering Services


Whether you need consultation on new product development or full metal fabrication project management, our engineering team can help. Rely on our expertise in multi-process metal fabrication projects.

Hynes specializes in the following technical capabilities:

  • Conceptual and concurrent metal fabrication engineering.

  • Design for manufacture and assembly.

  • Engineering project management.

  • Proactive part analysis and finite element analysis.

  • Product design.

  • Rapid prototyping.

  • Tooling design.

As your engineering partner, Hynes Industries can help:

  • Conduct rapid prototyping for simulation, tolerance and field tests.

  • Design for the manufacturing and assembly of complex linear shapes.

  • Manage tooling design.

  • Provide proactive part analysis and finite element analysis to uncover design flaws.

  • Redesign products to optimize for roll forming.

To yield the full benefit of roll forming’s in-line processing, you need an expert engineering partner to guide you through the entire product development cycle and to push the boundaries of engineering possibilities. Contact Hynes to schedule a free design consultation for your next metal fabrication project.

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