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American Roll Form Case Study Featured in The Tube & Pipe Journal

American Roll Form Products was featured in the April/May issue of The Tube & Pipe Journal for its unconventional approach to product engineering and prototyping. The case study highlights ARF’s work with an OEM customer seeking to compare the cost and functionality of a roll formed part with an extrusion. 

In addition to computer modeling and finite element analysis (FEA), ARF’s engineering team worked with the customer to develop a complex and cost-effective prototyping process. Successful prototyping tests product design viability before a major investment in tooling is made.

The engineering team and toolmaker partners used soft roll forming tools, a turret punch press and press brakes to produce the prototype. The teams butt welded punched strips together, simulating the roll forming process as a true proof of concept. 

Read the full case study in The Tube & Pipe Journal. The Tube & Pipe Journal is the leading publication for the metal tube and pipe industry.

To learn more about increasing efficiency and reducing costs through smarter engineering, read How to Bring More Value to Your Engineering Approach.

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