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Hynes Industries Highlighted for Entrepreneurship in Manufacturing

Hynes Industries is pleased to have been featured as a manufacturing entrepreneur by The Business Journal in Youngstown.

The video above showcases what it’s like to work at Hynes, why employees chose to enter the industry, and the biggest challenges they face.

“I think there are a lot of good skilled jobs out there,” said Brian Shaner, an edge operator at Hynes and third-generation employee. “Not everybody is college material. This facility and Hynes Industries is a great opportunity for somebody to support a family. It’s done it for my family for 70 years. There is a world of opportunities out there if somebody is willing to work.”

The video serves as a part of The Business Journal’s Brain Gain program, a partnership between the news outlet and a number of businesses, organizations, and schools that develops strategies to keep young people in the five-county region and support the future economy.

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