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Hynes Industries Warehouse Automation Partnership Yields Significant Cost Savings

Hynes Industries recently partnered with a warehouse automation company, which creates robotic systems around storing, retrieving and moving inventory, to launch a roll form tooling project and reduce labor installation costs. The extensive project included reengineering roll form tooling used to build individual components, designing a fastening tab to drive down labor costs, and expanding production capabilities for shelving components.

The automation company faced challenges with rapid growth, high installation labor costs and dated equipment. With engineering expertise, dispersed facility locations and cutting-edge metal fabrication technology, Hynes served as a valuable partner.

According to Doug Campbell, the Chief Commercial Officer of Hynes Industries, “This project was a perfect fit because it played to all of Hynes Industries’ strengths: roll forming expertise, custom tooling development and ample production line capacity.

Within two days, Hynes Industries conducted an internal program design review, which assessed manufacturability, scope, timeline, deliverables, fit for core competencies and profitability, to deliver a quote. The company ultimately decided Hynes was the right partner for the tooling project and ongoing production for new system orders.

The project, which would typically require 12 to 14 weeks to complete, took only 10 weeks as Hynes pooled together all necessary resources to provide a quick turnaround. Hynes worked closely with the warehouse automation team to reduce process complexity and optimize the design for roll forming, driving down operational costs while maintaining product quality.

The automation company realized even greater cost savings after Hynes reengineered a fastening tab that could be produced in-line. The design was hard-tooled and implemented across all new systems, eliminating the need for additional bolts and rivets and reducing installation labor costs in half.

The partnership yielded significant benefits as the company’s needs perfectly aligned with Hynes’ strengths. Together, the organizations combined complementary resources to improve operations, simplify designs and halve labor costs.

To learn more about the success of this Hynes’ partnership, download the Warehouse Automation: Cost Saving Solutions Case Study.


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