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Steel Pricing Announcement Information

Posted by Hynes Industries on Dec 16, 2011 11:10:00 AM

To: Our Valued Customers

From: American Roll Form Products Sales Department

Re: Steel Pricing Announcement Information

American Roll Form is continuing our commitment to notify all of our customers as soon as possible about significant fluctuations in the price of steel and how those changes will impact the pricing of your products.

Due to increased demand and relatively flat production levels, the price of steel is starting to rise. We have received pricing announcements from three mills and are distributing them to our customers for review:

  • Severstal International Announces New Flat Rolled Steel Price Increases
  • NLMK USA Announces Price Increases on Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled, and Galvanized Materials
  • Nucor Increases Base Prices on New Orders

For those customers that do have an established blanket order, your current pricing remains in effect for the balance of your pre-purchased material but you will need to contact your sales or customer service representative prior to fulfillment of a new material order.

For those customers that do not currently have established blanket orders with American Roll Form, please contact your sales or customer service representative to request an updated quote based on the new cost of material prior to placing and order.

Please contact us if you have any specific questions about this material costs increase of how it will affect your prices. Keep in mind that our engineers are very willing to work with you to discuss reducing the material content of your products while maintaining their strength to reduce your overall cost. For a case study on how effective this cost-savings can be, please visit arfpcorp.com/case-studies/chamberlain-cuts-costs.

Have a happy holiday season,

Rob Touzalin


American Roll Form Products