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"We Should Have Called ARF First"

At American Roll Form, we are very proud of the clients that we’re fortunate enough to call partners. Here’s a quick story to highlight how valuable that partnership is throughout the design and manufacturing process:

We recently spent a day meeting with one of our larger accounts regarding one of their existing products that they have been running at our facility for over a year. The purpose of the meeting was to identify opportunities to produce the same part (or a better part) for their final application that reduced the overall cost.

During the conversation, we learned that this customer had spent tens of thousands of dollars to hire a 3rd party engineering consultant to help them with this issue. While there were some mediocre suggestions offered by the consultant, our customer admitted that they had wasted several months and way too much money for a series of misleading suggestions that provided little value. 

In contrast, our one day complimentary meeting with the customer identified several opportunities for cost savings, including reduced material content, a modified finish type and coverage area, reduced assembly time through a design modification, alternative packaging, a review of end user expectations, and a consideration of alternative processes for portions of the final part.

The customer was thrilled with the suggestions and admitted that they should have involved American Roll Form in their discussions from the very start of the redesign process. Had the customer included us from the beginning, they would have saved tens of thousands of dollars in consultant fees, saved several months of time, and reduced the cost of the part much sooner.

We are currently working with the customer to improve the part and reduce their overall costs based on the suggestions we offered in the meeting. Even better from the customer’s view is our ability to utilize our in-house engineering talent to work on the part improvement, eliminating their additional engineering costs and preparing our staff to easily implement the changes that are identified and approved by the customer.

One line from the customer’s Director of Manufacturing Engineering summed up the whole day: “We should have called you first.” 

If you have a part that you would like to review for potential cost savings, please take the advice of one of our top customers and call us first at 440-352-0753. We’re here to help you improve your parts, reduce your costs, and create a great lasting partnership.

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