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Hynes Solar Solutions

Solar power is hot. But how do you bring down the sky-high cost of solar energy? With solar panels getting cheaper, the new cost-reduction drive is to achieve substantial reductions in the cost of mounting these solar systems.

A few years ago, Hynes Industries saw the opportunity to help solar companies take cost out of mounting systems. The flexibility and capabilities of the roll-forming process lend themselves perfectly to meeting the cost-reduction goals of solar companies. And that’s why Hynes formed its Solar Division.

Two Goals of the Hynes Solar Division

First, to create a company that understood the solar industry -- with special emphasis on solar mounting systems and reducing costs on these systems. Current systems and designs would be analyzed. Hynes engineers would use improved design methods, computer models, FEA (Finite Element Analysis, a mathematical technique for analyzing stress), newly created roll formed shapes, and new higher-strength steels to achieve the desired results.

Second, to allow companies in the United States to go after the Canadian solar market while conforming to the requirements set forth in the FITs, put in place in the Ontario Province in Canada. Hynes accomplished this by establishing a strategic partnership with Samco Solar located in Toronto, Canada. This partnership allows a company to incur just one tooling charge for any tooling necessary to make the desired shapes for the mounting system. Then, should a job be awarded in either country, the tooling can be shipped to the proper location and run on identical equipment possessed by both companies. This saves the cost of multiple tooling, which can be very expensive and time consuming.

Both missions have been accomplished. And Hynes has been fortunate to form partnerships with many of the leaders in the solar industry. Review our library of case studies to discover our many successes stories.

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