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Hynes Industries acquired American Roll Form in August of 2015.
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Why Roll Forming?

Leaner Manufacturing Through In-Line Processing

arf-why-roll-forming1-body-image.jpgReduce manufacturing costs, improve lead times and decrease shipping costs through roll forming. A highly stable and efficient metal fabrication process, roll forming runs coiled metal through a series of roll tooling, gradually forming the metal into the desired cross-section profile.

It is ideal for high volume production, can fabricate custom shapes that are light and strong, and eliminates secondary operations through in-line processing.

Improve Efficiencyconceptual-engineering-2.jpg

  • Consolidate multiple manufacturing steps into one efficient forming operation.

  • Accelerate production through in-line processing and automation, reducing excess labor and vendors.


 Ensure Product Quality

  • custom-metal-fabrication-solutions2.jpgManufacture countless shapes from ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

  • Form complex linear shapes, rounded or burr-free edges and uniform cross-section profiles.

  • Fabricate part lengths up to 53’, limited only by transportation.


arf-why-roll-forming2-body-image.jpg Reduce Costs

  • Drop gauge, decreasing weight, material and freight costs.

  • Reduce drop-off and scrap through coil-fed processing.

  • Replace less cost-efficient processes, such as aluminum extrusions, press braking and stamping.

  • Amortize tooling costs over the production run.
    Achieve economies of scale.


To yield the full benefit of roll forming’s in-line processing, you need an expert partner to guide you through the entire product development cycle and to push the boundaries of engineering possibilities. Contact Hynes Industries to schedule a consultation for your next metal fabrication project.

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