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Hynes Industries acquired American Roll Form in August of 2015.
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FlexAngle Systems –
       One Simple Solution,                                                 One Tough Performer.


America's Slotted Angle

Rugged, versatile, economical … and crafted with pride in Youngstown, Ohio for more than 50 years.

Hynes Industries' proprietary slotted angle designs are highly adaptable for use in an unlimited number of framing and storage applications in the Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Residential arenas. 

FlexAngle has been proven to perform in the most demanding environments.

FlexAngle Performance

FlexAngle’s slotted angle steel designs are readily adaptable to an unlimited number of applications. Using Hynes Industries' FlexAngle gives you better performance for:

  • Storage shelving and racking
  • Benches, tables and carts
  • Cages, guards, fences and barriers
  • Any other industrial, commercial, institutional or residential application

FlexAngle’s accessories and components are easy to assemble and fully reusable. It is made for superior performance in some of the toughest environments imaginable. Our slotted angle is available in custom sizes, configurations, materials and finishes to meet your most exacting requirements.

We offer a complete range of standard slotted angle and punched angle and system accessories – plus custom sizes, configurations, materials and finishes are available to meet your most demanding project requirements.

Why FlexAngle?

ISO.pngBacked by decades of roll forming expertise and an ISO 9001 Quality System, FlexAngle has become the most popular slotted angle solution of its kind. Our unsurpassed engineering talent and support provide the most cost effective and functional slotted angle steel for any of your applications.


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