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Solar Profile Engineering Guide

Our free solar profile guide includes ready-to-use engineering drawings and section modulus requirements for solar profiles.


Save time and money using our solar profile engineering guide. Ready-to-use engineering drawings and section modulus requirements cut down on design time and make it easy to compare section properties of hot rolled and cold roll formed profiles. Our guide includes solar profiles for use in ground pilings, panel support channels, PV framing and module rail applications.

Download the guide to view engineering designs and section modulus requirements for:

  • 2" C-Section*
  • 2.5" C-Section*
  • 3" C-Section*
  • 4.5" C-Section*
  • Z-Section*
  • I-Beam and W-Section

*Profiles that utilize roll tooling already in-house at Hynes, reducing lead times and lowering total cost of production.

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