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Why It Is Important To Expand Your Engineering Knowledge

11122773785_8603e017b0_zKnowledge is like a muscle. You have to focus on and exercise it if you want it to grow.

When knowledge plateaus, it can negatively affect output. An engineer’s knowledge is his or her greatest asset. Engineers who lack knowledge of alternative production methods can inhibit a product’s cost efficiency, and in turn, hinder profitability. 

This post focuses on the importance of continued learning, and provides ways engineers can increase their knowledge of alternative production methods and industry trends.

The Dangers of the Knowledge Plateau

Old habits die hard. Maybe you have been using the same design approach and production methods for years. But what seems like a comfort zone could be far more dangerous. If you are out of touch with alternative production methods that can save money and time, you could be affecting your company’s bottom line.

For example, you might be an engineer who does not have a lot of experience producing parts through roll forming. Maybe you’ve always relied on extruding, press braking and stamping to get the job done. You may not be aware that roll forming can: 

  • Eliminate secondary operations through in-line processing and automation.

  • Fabricate part lengths up to 53 feet.

  • Reduce scrap.

  • Decrease product weight and shipping costs.

Without knowledge of an alternative production method such as roll forming, you are leaving money on the table. To learn more about the differences between roll forming, extruding, stamping and press braking, read: 

How To Increase Your Knowledge

There are many different ways that engineers can continue to expand their knowledge while working in the field. Keep pace with industry news by following these relevant websites:

We recommend browsing these websites on a weekly basis. Engulf yourself in the world of engineering and keep up on the latest trends and topics.

The Benefits of Expanding Your Knowledge 

In the Modern Engineer’s Guide to Getting It Done, we discuss the importance of conquering what’s ahead. “As a mechanical engineer in today’s world, there’s only one way to adapt to the challenges of tomorrow: By increasing your productivity, staying ahead of the learning curve and dominating the design process.”

Engineers who continue to seek new information can benefit in multiple ways, including:

  • Enhanced self-confidence.

  • Increased skill development.

  • Accelerated career growth.

The first step to avoiding the knowledge plateau is the desire to learn. The ability to remain open to fresh ideas and new methods will benefit you as a professional, and your employer.

Interested in ways to stay ahead of the curve? Download The Modern Engineer’s Guide to Getting It Done.

New Call-to-action  What steps have you taken to increase your engineering knowledge?

Image Credit: tec_estromberg via Flickr


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