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The Importance of Made in America

Posted by Hynes Industries on February 17, 2012

At American Roll Form Products, we're very proud of the role we're playing in the renaissance of manufacturing in the United States. As our President Rob Touzalin often points out, "our commitment is right there in our name."

Article after article has come out touting the growth of manufacturing efficiency and profitability in America (you can find many of them posted on ARFP's Facebook and Twitter pages). Companies that are thriving have developed a renewed focus on producing custom made high quality products in an environment that's customer service oriented and are committed to the well being of the employees in the shop.

Even with the positive news, many consumers are left wondering what they can do to help the American manufacturing economy along.

ABC News created the "Made in America" series to try and address that question. This clip highlights the efforts of a builder in Montana who set out to build a home wholly comprised of components that are made within the United States. As of this segment, he was well on his way to that goal. Watch the video to see this amazing story:

ABC News Made In America Home Building

As the video points out, if every builder in America used 5% more American goods in their construction project, that would equate to 220,000 more manufacturing jobs. Imagine expanding that to every manufacture buying 5% more from US suppliers and American consumers buying 5% more of their household goods from the US. The impact would be massive.

As you see on the video, there are nails made in Indiana, sinks in Pennsylvania, caulk guns in Georgia, and duct tape right here in Ohio. Opportunities surround every business and consumer to be more aware of the origin of their purchases. Even though we source a large majority of our materials and supplies from the US, we're trying to be even more conscious internally about where our purchases come from.

If we all do a little, it'll add up to a lot.