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Hynes Blog

How Contract Manufacturing Can Stabilize Your Supply Chain

by Hynes Industries on December 27, 2013

Karl Elsener first produced The Swiss Army knife in 1891. While technology and consumer needs evolve, the knife’s core competency has never changed—an all-in-one tool for whatever life throws your way. 

Purchasers, especially for those who manufacture oil and gas equipment, need to react to evolving market conditions and keep a steady flow of parts without running into shortages or surplus.

Because of fluctuating demand, it’s beneficial to select a Swiss Army knife supply partner that will provide you with an all-in-one solution.

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How To Gain Buy-In For Alternative Production Methods

by Hynes Industries on November 14, 2013

As a design engineer, you understand what type of production method is best suited for your design.

You understand that the metal fabrication option you choose can impact design integrity, production efficiency, and, ultimately, corporate profitability.

That may be only half the battle though. You may also need to convince a decision maker, such as a sourcing manager, of the value of alternative production methods such as roll forming, press braking or stamping, and justify why he should choose one of these methods—particularly if it isn’t historically how the part has been produced.

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