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The Best C-Channel Fabrication Process for Solar

by Rob Touzalin on October 13, 2017

In solar, saving money from start to finish is crucial. While headlines like, “2016 was the year solar panels finally became cheaper than fossil fuels,” can be exciting for the industry, it’s also a pain point for many manufacturers and solar panel mounters.

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How and Why Should I Design for Metal C-Beams?

by Rob Touzalin on May 2, 2017

When it comes time to reducing production costs or increasing profit margins in metal product manufacturing, the responsibility may fall to the manufacturer’s engineering team to determine how best to cut product costs without sacrificing quality and structural integrity.

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2017 Roll Forming Handbook: Optimizing Design and Management

by Rob Touzalin on March 21, 2017

Roll forming is often viewed as a cost-prohibitive process for metal fabricators. Typically, metal fabricators turn to stamping, press braking and extrusions for their needs, and roll forming is cast aside without consideration.

Yet roll forming can be the most cost-effective method to achieving a quality product. Roll forming has the ability to reduce your product’s weight, simplify design and cut secondary fabrication needs that can be handled inline.

Even if you’ve never designed for roll forming, it may be time to consider what its capabilities can do for your bottom line. This roll forming guide has everything you need to determine whether roll forming is your best option, manage costs and take the next steps in designing a roll formed product.

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Need a Cost-Effective Solution for Your Fabrication Designs? Consider Roll Forming.

by Mike Giambattista on March 7, 2017

Roll forming can seem like an overwhelming process to design for, if you’re used to stamping, press braking, extrusions or other techniques. The truth is, it can actually open up new doors to creativity—and cost savings.

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25 Commonly Overlooked Roll Forming Applications

by Rob Touzalin on December 7, 2016

Roll forming is all around. Yet, for many, it’s hard to recognize how roll forming techniques are applied in everyday life. 

For example, walk into a grocery store and grab a carton of milk from the dairy section. There’s a good chance that the shelves of the refrigeration unit are roll formed. 

Or on a Sunday when you want to clean the gutters, you might not realize that the rails on your trusty Little Giant ladder were redesigned and roll formed.

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Roll Forming That Surrounds You Every Day

by Phil Misch on July 15, 2015
People interact with roll formed products on a daily basis, but rarely realize it.

The metal trim on your cubicle—roll formed. 

The steps on your ladder—roll formed.

The stainless steel grill bars on the truck that just passed by—roll formed.

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How to Win Roll Forming Business and Earn Customer Loyalty

by Phil Misch on June 4, 2015

The roll forming process hasn’t changed much in the many years it’s been used by metal fabricators and manufacturers. Despite its resemblance to the original lines of the past, roll forming continues to be an efficient production method that offers in-line processing, consistent profile geometry and high yield.

And yet, the field faces a problem. A lack of education around roll forming (due in part to its absence from collegiate engineering curriculum) has made it difficult for roll forming to gain traction as a viable alternative to extruding, stamping and press braking. In addition, the process has become commoditized, with little to differentiate one roll former from another.

So what’s the secret to standing out? We believe it is to meet the evolving needs of our customer base. Manufacturers need more than an outsourced metal fabrication vendor; they need a supply chain partner.

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Roll Forming vs. Press Braking: What to Consider for Your Next Fabrication Project

by Phil Misch on April 15, 2015

Should you press brake or roll form? It’s a big decision with multiple factors to consider. Ultimately, the decision comes down to what fabrication method will yield the desired quality for the lowest overall cost. 

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Solar Profile Engineering Guide Saves Time and Money [Free Download]

by Randy Myers on October 8, 2014

Solar panel prices are steadily falling, pushing cost-reduction measures upstream. As a result, solar panel and mounting manufacturers must find new ways to cut costs and stay competitive.

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Forecasting Demand for Roll Formed Products

by Phil Misch on January 29, 2014

Forecasting long-term product demand is a crucial process for any manufacturer. 

At a high level of execution, forecasting demand ensures enough product is produced to fulfill orders without creating surplus inventory—a challenge in a world of shifting demand and fluctuating raw material costs.

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