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Social Media for Engineering Professionals: 7 Accounts to Follow

by Cody Hohmann on May 17, 2017

Rapid, effective innovation is crucial for any engineer’s future, but it can be difficult when there is little time to keep up with daily industry news and advancements. Any time saving technique helps. 

Luckily, social media offers an efficient way to keep up with industry best practices, breaking news, design competition announcements and more. LinkedIn and Twitter are teeming with resources for engineers, and if you follow the right accounts and groups, your feeds will always be full of information you can digest on the go.

Read on to discover the most fruitful engineering Twitter accounts to follow and LinkedIn groups to join so you never fall behind.

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2014 Roundup: Innovative Manufacturing

by Phil Misch on February 16, 2015

Burgeoning technologies, healthy markets and innovation are all responsible for 2014 being a good year for U.S. manufacturing. According to the December 2014 Manufacturing ISM Report On Business, manufacturing continues to experience growth.

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Communication and Collaboration Strategies for PLM

by Joshua Perkins on September 17, 2014

Product lifecycle management (PLM) integrates information, people and processes, inviting opportunity for greater internal communication and collaboration.

In order to exchange product data efficiently, you must implement strategies to help engineers, salespeople, shop floor professionals and anyone else involved in the PLM process to collaborate. 

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Top Tools for Lean Manufacturers

by Joshua Perkins on September 10, 2014

“Lean” is more than a buzzword—especially for many of the manufacturers who put the production philosophy into practice to improve internal systems and processes. 

The main principle behind lean manufacturing is to reduce waste of any kind—wasted energy, inventory, resources and time. By cutting out excess waste, manufacturers can decrease operational costs, increase efficiencies and maintain output quality.

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Top Software Systems for Agile Engineers

by Randy Myers on August 27, 2014

The modern manufacturing engineer needs to be agile. Why? Shrinking product lifecycles, supply chain complexity and increasing demands give engineers less time to bring products to market. 

Forced to do more with fewer resources, agile engineers rely on technology to solve a variety of challenges across all aspects of production. Below, we highlight four software programs that help agile engineers make the most of every minute. 

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Top Apps and Software for Manufacturing Engineers

by Joshua Perkins on July 30, 2014

According to Gartner Forecast data, mobile app stores will see annual downloads reach 268 billion in 2017, with total revenues of $77 billion. Beyond mobile apps, engineering software vendors see an opportunity to store data for their customers on the cloud for easier storage and backup, automation and collaboration.

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Solve Manufacturing Supply Chain Obstacles With Technology

by Joshua Perkins on July 16, 2014

Supply chain performance is imperative to a company’s success. Supply chain excellence is determined by the effectiveness and coordination of elements that move a product from supplier to customer: inventory, facilities, transportation and data.

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How Great Internal Transparency Can Streamline Your Supply Chain

by Phil Misch on June 4, 2014

According to KPMG’s 2013 Global Manufacturing Outlook, 49% of manufacturing executives said that their organizations lack supply chain visibility beyond their Tier 1 suppliers. The same study found that only 9% had complete visibility of Tier 1, 2 and beyond. 

Investing in a contract manufacturing partnership can help stabilize your supply chain. But a great supply partner is only one piece of the puzzle.

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3 Keys To Improving Customer Communications and Loyalty

by Joshua Perkins on May 28, 2014

Traditional customer service models are reactive in nature, relying on customers to initiate interaction. 

But the business world has evolved. Existing customers are your greatest source of recurring revenue, growth opportunities and new business referrals. Customer experience is everything, which means mastering customer communications and loyalty is key to survival.

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Spotlight On: Sustainable Manufacturers

by Phil Misch on May 21, 2014

Every year since 2005, Global 100 and Corporate Knights Capital combine efforts to create the Global 100 Index. The list is made up of the 100 most sustainable corporations in the world. 

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